About Us

When Anna moved into her first house, she found she was having a hard time making the house her home with the beautiful furniture and accessories she would love at a price that wouldn’t rob the piggy bank. This task was becoming more and more challenging as life got busier and schedules left little to no room for leisure time. It took her years to find the pieces that echoed her style throughout her home at a price she could afford.


With these experiences in mind, a vision came to Anna. Passionate for design and for the art of lighting up ordinary homes like her own with stylish decor, she teamed up with childhood friend, Lynn, to develop the first collection of bedding sets. Then, with the help of family and friends, they began to partner with other design and furnishing companies to launch a brand new online boutique: AnnabelleStyle.


Unlike other online stores that are flooded with every product one can think of, our boutique features products that Anna carefully handpick based on design, quality, and value. Annabelle Style’s mission is to share lasting pieces that are unique and awe-inspiring, be it contemporary or traditional, casual or formal. For we firmly believe that the true essence of beauty will transcend time and space. We travel around the globe seeking design inspiration, discovering unique pieces, and embracing diverse cultures in hopes of bringing the riches of a worldly lifestyle into your home.


At AnnabelleStyle, we believe that a home should be a space that encompasses who you truly are rather than one that labels you with a generic style. After all, home is where the heart is. Shouldn’t your home reflect your heart?